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  • Sneaker Cleaning
    Here at DGSL, we offer a wide range of cleaning services, including two types of cleans for your sneakers. Our first trainer clean is for the full exterior, which includes the upper, laces, midsole and outsole. With our cleaning service we go really deep including bringing back the stitching which can be a pain.
    Our second option for cleaning your sneakers is The Lot and this includes the full exterior of your sneakers as well as the inside, killing bacteria and odours.

    Have you ever accidently scuffed your sneakers and not wanted to wear them? Here at DGSL we can remove scuffs on leather sneakers, suede and nubuck. We use professional paints and dyes to achieve this. With 32+ years, we have tested and trailed products over the years, but now use what we believe to be the best in the world and really happy to use them every day on your sneakers.

    Whether you would like your sneakers to have a touch-up paint, midsole paint or a full repaint, we can do this for you.
    We do admit from time to time there may be a stain which will be impossible to remove, however we have ways to change the colour of your sneakers, so you cannot see it anymore. This means you can still wear what you love, have something different to everyone else, can work out cheaper than buying a new pair of trainers and less going into landfill.

    Additional services we offer for your sneakers include

    • Free Consultation – We will inspect your sneakers and go through the services we offer with a no pressure approach. Sometimes clients have asked for a repaint services, but we have been able to restore without a paint being needed, this then saved the client more money. We believe in why pay for a service you do not need.
    • Nanotechnology Waterproof Protection – The most advanced protection in the planet, which is suitable for all materials on your sneakers.
    • Trainer Whitening Treatment – Removing as much yellowing from your sneakers as possible from your trainers, whether it is on the upper, midsole or outsole.
    • Deodorizing – Our service will kill bacteria in your sneakers and leaving a nice scent
    • Laces – Available in a flat style, in different sizes and lots of colours to choose from.
    • Crease Protectors – Help prevent those unwanted creases on the toe box area of your sneakers.

    We clean everything by hand and help to increase the lifespan of your sneakers.

    List of Services

    Standard Cleaning: From £34.50
    Upper, Midsoles
    Full Exterior Cleaning: From £43
    Upper, Midsole, Outsole, Laces
    Ultimate Cleaning: From £50
    Deep Clean Upper, Midsole, Outsole, Insole, Laces, Deodorise/Disinfect

    Express Service: £15
    (Same day or next day delivery)