Shoes and Boots Cleaning and Painting

  • Shoes and Boots

    DGSL, an Artisan Shoeshine and Patina service, proudly calls Colchester home at 14 Red Lion Yard. Our services are available through convenient drop-offs and postal options, or you can reach out to Gareth directly to schedule an appointment. Our mission is to not only rejuvenate your shoes but also educate the public about the importance of proper shoe care, which is just as crucial as a quick brush.

    In Colchester, DGSL stands as a unique destination for an authentic shoeshine experience. In an era where shoe care often takes a backseat to speed, Gareth Tansey, a dedicated craftsman, is determined to redefine perceptions of genuine shoe care, going beyond superficial gloss.

    Why settle for a result that you can achieve at home when you can experience a shoeshine that will transform your perception of this art forever? The general public often overlooks the nuances, leading to the decline of shoe shining. It’s time for people to discover the true potential of a professional shoeshine.

    With years of expertise and a personal touch, Gareth uses his skilled bare hands to apply every product. This mastery has allowed him to reinvent the art of shoe shining, setting a new standard for quality and care.

    • Shoeshine £22.50
    • Ankle boots £28.50
    • Long Boots shine £35.00
    • Suede or Nubuck shoes £22.50
    • Suede or Nubuck boots £35.00
    • Patent From £22.50
    • DM’s, Ugg and Timberland Boots From £45.00


    • Small area colour touch up £50
    • One colour patina £90

    Express Service: £15
    (Same day or next day delivery)