DGSL.UK – How We Started

Ever since I was younger I’ve always hated having dirty shoes when going out. I always cleaned them to the best of my ability and received compliments for how smart they looked. After this, I received requests from family and friends to restore there worn shoes. From this I was asked to restore a handbag after wine was unfortunately spilled much to the owners despair. After a while, my friends recommended me to their friends and this is how DGSL.UK was created in Colchester!
Since the launch of DGSL.UK, we have expanded our services to include cleaning and restoring trainers, shoes, boots, high heels, handbags and even like sports wear such as football boots. We also specialise in customisation of trainers and skateboards but we can expand this depending on the request.
Moreover, we have recently had the privilege of customising a skateboard for Keith Lemon. We have also been in contact with Robbie Williams, Ayda Fisher and Fleur East to discuss the passion for our business.
If you have any queries please contact us.